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Donations to the WTCC will go directly toward enabling WTCC’s project initiatives and supporting the infrastructure required to facilitate communication among our volunteers. This page will change as our organization grows, so please check back regularly for updates.

WTCC Project Expenses

  • Costs associated with 3D printing and sewing Personal Protect Equipment (PPE), which include:
    • Purchasing 3D printer filament, PETG sheets, laminate, and similar materials
    • Purchasing fabrics, elastic, and similar materials for hand sewn PPE
    • Shipping expenses related to the procurement of PPE assembly materials
    • Shipping expenses related to the delivery of completed PPE to hospitals, clinics, and other organizations throughout Wyoming
  • Shipping expenses to facilitate delivery of PPE from community medical supply drives to hospitals, clinics, and other organizations throughout Wyoming
  • Funding of Wirecast live streaming software to enable our WYSTEM educational project

WTCC Infrastructure Expenses

WTCC infrastructure expenses consist primarily of software which allows our volunteers to work together, share their ideas, and implement WTCC project initiatives. These expenses include:

  • The Slack instant messaging platform from Slack Technologies, which is WTCC’s primary communication mechanism
  • Webpage expenses, including:
    • Web hosting through WP Engine
    • The web domains for WTCC (, and any future domains which may be required to bring our initiatives to life

The Array Foundation

All donations to the WTCC are being channeled through a Fiscal Sponsorship through The Array Foundation, a technology-oriented 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.