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Businesses have been hit hard by mandatory closures due to Coronavirus/COVID-19. Our volunteers are working to help small businesses with low or no IT experience implement technology solutions to help keep business moving.

COVID-19 Resources for Small Businesses

State Resources

Workplace Preparedness

Loan Assistance and Grants

Additional Resources

  • Wyoming Women’s Business Center: The Wyoming Women’s Business center has compiled a thorough assortment of COVID-19 resources covering numerous areas ranging from small businesses, family, financial assistance, workforce services and unemployment, cyber-security, taxes, and more general community resources.

WTCC Technical Resources

WTCC’s VPN Setup Guide

A VPN is an encrypted link to your business network.  Any computer or device connected to your business VPN is able to access resources like files, printers, time clocks, and security cameras as if they were physically present.  Implementing a VPN can give you and your employees the ability to work from home.  You can build a VPN server by yourself in about an hour, or you can request help from one of our volunteers.