VPN Setup and Installation

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A VPN server is a powerful tool for any organization.  A VPN provides a secure connection to your business from virtually anywhere in the world.  Once connected to a VPN you can access resources from your network, such as file servers, network printers and scanners, fax servers, networked time clocks, and networked security cameras.  Installing a VPN server can be done in about an hour.

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  1. Before you begin…
  2. Download VirtualBox and Ubuntu Linux
  3. Install VirtualBox
  4. Configure the new Virtual Machine
  5. Configuring Network Settings
  6. Start the VM and install Ubuntu Linux
  7. Install the VPN service
  8. Add VPN Users
  9. Retrieving VPN Profiles
  10. Employee setup instructions
  11. Request help from a WTCC volunteer

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