10. Retrieving VPN Profiles

You need to distribute the OpenVPN profiles to your users so that they can connect to your network.  To copy the files off of your server, you need to use an SFTP/SCP client.

SFTP/SCP Clients


Supports macOS and Windows

  1. Open Cyberduck after installing (it should be in the start menu or Applications folder)
  2. Click”OpenConnection”
Click “Open Connection”
  1. Select “SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)” from the dropdown
Select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol from the dropdown
  1. Fill in the following fields
  • Server field: set to the static IP address used for your VPN server.
  • Username field: type the username used when you set up your VPN server.
  • Password field: type your password
  • Click Connect
  1. A security warning may appear. Click Allow
  1. Drag the ovpns folder to a folder on your desktop.  Send the ovpn files to your employees


Supports Windows

  1. Open WinSCP (there should be an icon on your desktop after installing)
  2. Specify your server’s IP address for the Host name field. Type your User name and Password and click Login.
WinSCP Configuration
  1. When you connect, a warning may appear.
WinSCP Connection warning. Click Yes to proceed with connection.
  1. You should see the ovpns directory. Drag it to an easy to find location.
Drag the ovpns directory from the VPN server (right pane) to a location on your local computer (left pane)
  1. You can use email to circulate the ovpn files to your users.  Be sure to give the password to the users over the phone, as email is not a secure means of transmitting the password.

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