7. Start the VM and install Ubuntu Linux

  1. From the VirtualBox manager, select your Ubuntu VPN Server on the left and click “Start”
  2. Language Selection
Select the language to use during installation.
  1. Install updates to installer
If the installer offers to update the installer, select Update to the new installer and press <enter>.
  1. Select Keyboard configuration
Select keyboard configuration. If you have a special keyboard (dvorak, etc) or are outside of the United States, you may need to adjust these settings.
  1. Network connections screen
  • If you configured your IP address using DHCP, you should see that IP address shown with “/23” or “/24” shown after it. You can select Done and press <enter>
  • If you have not configured your IP address, a different IP address will be shown here. Make note of the DHCPv4 value ( and refer to the Manual IP Configuration section of this guide.
  1. Configure proxy screen. For most cases, you can leave the Proxy address blank.
The Proxy address can be left blank for most configurations.
  1. Configure Ubuntu archive mirror screen. For most cases, you can leave the Mirror address value set to its default.  Highlight Done and press [enter]
7. For most cases, leave the Mirror address field at its default value.
  1. Guided storage configuration screen. Leave Use an entire disk selected, highlight Done and press [enter].
Select Use an entire disk and select Done
  1. Storage configuration screen. Review your selections and highlight Done and press [enter]. A warning to Confirm destructive action will appear.  Highlight Continue and press [enter].
Confirm destructive action screen. Highlight Continue and press [enter].
  1. Profile setup screen.
Profile Setup Screen. Set your username and password, as well as the server name.
  • Your Name field: type your full name
  • Your server’s name field: type an abbreviation/username for your business.  I am setting up this server for the United Way of Albany County Wyoming, so I chose `uwacwy`.
  • Pick a username field: pick a username that you can remember.  I chose bradkovach, but you can pick anything you like.
  • Choose a password field: pick a strong password that you can remember.
  • Confirm your password field: type your password again
  • Highlight Done and press [enter].
  1. SSH Setup screen.
  • Highlight Install OpenSSH Server and press [space] or [enter] to select it.
  • For the Import SSH Identity field, leave No.
  • Select Done and press [enter]
  1. Featured Server Snaps screen. Do not select any of the server snaps.  Highlight Done and press [enter]
  2. Installation/Installation complete screen.  The server will install security updates during this process.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this may take a while.  These security updates keep your VPN server secure.
Once installation is complete select Reboot to start the server.
  1. You may see many “Failed unmounting /cdrom” errors.  This is okay.  Press [enter] to restart the VM.

Next, we will finish installing the VPN service.

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