Moonshot Project

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The Moonshot Project was initiated on April 17, the one-month anniversary of the founding of WTCC, after intensive efforts to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) statewide and several other activities. How could WTCC marshall its resources to have the greatest beneficial effect on the pandemic? We decided that, given a severe shortage of COVID-19 testing at that time, our best effort would be to address the need for better and more available tests for the virus that has caused this pandemic.

We set a goal of enabling access for testing to every resident of Wyoming by July 1.

In the months afterwards, the Moonshot Project team researched and created a strategic plan for testing (Moonshot Proposal, see below), a continually updated spreadsheet of COVID-19 tests approved for an Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA (COVID-19 Tests, see below), and numerous brief reports on related topics. We have established robust relationships with the Governor’s Office, the Wyoming Department of Health, and the relevant task force at the University of Wyoming, and continue to offer our services in research and relationship-building between test developers and suppliers and Wyoming stakeholders.

All documents supplied to the agencies above are also posted here.