New WTCC Education Wiki Garners the Support of Wyoming Education Association and Educators

Recently, the Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition(WTCC) launched its Education Wiki devoted to sharing evolving information about how COVID-19 impacts our schools and how to support Wyoming educators, school staff, parents, and students. The Wiki, housed athttps://wiki.wtcc.techis designed to answer questions for these target populations and the general public. It contains COVID-19 testing recommendations, testing locations (including information about free and low-cost testing), and resources for testing at home. The Wiki also houses two interactive forums, one for educators and another for parents, and includes a dedicated landing page for parents called the Parent’s Corner. The Wiki boasts a multitude of other features, all created to provide helpful resources. Peg Monteith, Superintendent of Park County District #6, referred to the Wiki as a “[g]reat resource!!”. The Wiki has the support of the Wyoming Education Association (WEA); notably, the WEA will soon be rolling out the Wiki to its members and urging them to use this powerful tool. “Many educators across Wyoming are facing uncertainty around returning to classrooms while we’re still fighting to control COVID-19,” said WEA President Grady Hutcherson. “The safety of students, educators, and all education employees is our priority. The Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition’s Wiki is a wealth of information and provides a hub for asking questions, and starting conversations about COVID-19. We are proud to be offering educators another source of information, support, and community by partnering with WTCC on this project.”