WTCC Launches Formally With Announcement to News Media

Ten days after its inception, the Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition (WTCC) formally announced its formation in a press release sent to news outlets across the state of Wyoming today.

WTCC is the brainchild of Eric Trowbridge, CEO of the Cheyenne-based technology and design school Array, Inc. Its initial membership grew rapidly after an appeal from Trowbridge to various contacts on March 17.  New contributors are welcome to join by contacting WTCC via this website.

The announcement listed five initial projects that are already underway:
• 3D printing 100 surgical masks for Cheyenne Regional Medical Center by Monday March 30 upon approval and inspection;
• Development of the Stitches Acute Care Center mobile app for Android and iOS to initiate Telemedicine visits at their clinics;
• Contributing to an existing mobile-accessible web application that allows people to send tips directly to social service industry workers from their home computers which is now live at;
• Coordinating medical supply drives across the state to supplement the diminishing supplies available to Wyoming healthcare workers, starting with a drive scheduled for Wednesday, April 1st, on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie; and
• Developing a GIS (geographic information system) map with up-to-date information on the number of active COVID-19 cases per county, hospital bed utilization data, and a regional social vulnerability index.

With well over 100 volunteers already actively participating in discussions on the Slack instant messaging platform, and backed by an $800 grant from Slack to facilitate its activities, the Coalition is considering numerous other ideas to confront the COVID-19 crisis in the state.